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Phenix Details

In 2006, Carlos decided to create a new gyrocopter, on the basis of their various other designs over the previous decade. They submitted the project to Anton, who agreed to finance this new adventure. Phenix S.L., a Spanish registered company was then formed. Its management is an international team, geared towards producing a De la Cierva modern gyrocopter design.
From there on, what would become the Phenix gyrocopter evolved from a traditional pusher design, to a central engine with front propeller, then to its present tractor form. Production of the prototype fully-enclosed 2-seat side-by-side autogyro was started leading to a first public showing at the Aero 2009 exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. First flight was on 11/12/09.
Production of a second prototype, incorporating changes and improvements over the first prototype, began on 01/06/10, leading to a first flight on 30/09/11.

The Phenix has been built to ensure excellent comfort for its pilots and passengers, with sufficient room to take luggage up to small foldable tent size in its rear compartment.
The fuselage is 100% carbon-fiber, with the exception of the mast. It is calculated to the British BCAR-T standards, the most demanding in Europe, and calculated for a maximal take-off weight of 560 kg. Note that local regulations can limit this MTOW to 472.5 kg in some countries.
It is fitted with a Rotax 914 engine and has a parachute and a hydraulic prerotator.


Fuselage length: 5.20m
Height: 3.20m
Width: 2.28m
Rotor diameter: 8.40m
Cabin width: 1.25m
Cabin height: 0.93m
Fuel tank: 80 litres
Endurance: 4 hours
Cruise speed: 140-160 km/h
VNE: 180 km/h
Empty weight: 280-290 kg
Payload: 180 kg
MTOW: 472.5 kg
Ceiling: 12,000'

For more official information see the company website, http://www.phenix.aero/